Statuary and Birdbaths

Cast Stone Garden Statuary

Outdoor statuary has a long history — garden statue designs were often derived from mythology and were intended to have symbolic significance. Over the years, outdoor statuary has transformed into amusing and whimsical sculptures like frogs and gnomes. From classic Roman figures to bronze statues and birdbaths, outdoor statuary remains a popular staple in home gardens and outdoor living areas.

Whether you are looking for a frog to place in
the garden as an ornament, or a classic lion to place at the entrance of
your home, we are sure that you will find the cast stone animal statuary
piece you are looking for. All of our cast stone animal statuary pieces
are available in a wide selection of styles, colors and finishes. Our
cast stone animal statuary pieces are manufactured by hand from high end
craftsmanship in the USA. All of our animal statuary pieces are
constructed from cast stone concrete and are made to last a lifetime. In recent years there has been a growing market for
figurative statuary. Our vast array of cast stone figurine statuary
pieces may be used as supports for birdbaths and sundials, or to simply
decorate a pond or patio. All of our figurative statuary pieces are
constructed by hand in the USA from cast stone concrete, and are
available in a variety of styles, finishes and colors. The tradition of Asian-inspired gardens has been an
inspiration for centuries and yet it is a living tradition, influencing
the creation of new gardens and landscape. Our cast stone Asian inspired
statuary pieces were designed from this influence. With a vast array of
cast stone Asian-inspired statuary pieces to choose from, this tradition
can live on in your home garden. Constructed by hand in the USA from
cast stone concrete our Asian-inspired statuary pieces were designed
with these traditions in mind. From satyrs to wood nymphs, each mythical statuary piece is
exquisitely detailed and designed to capture the trademark look of the
mythical creature. Whether you're interested in mythology, classic
statuary design that is rich in history or would like to add some
character to your garden, our mythical statuary is bound to impress your
guests and beautify your outdoor living space for years to come.
Over the centuries, religions have been
intimately associated with the arts, of which garden design is one. As
these beliefs and religions were concerned with aspects of the universe,
cast stone religious statuary has grown to be a part of the home and
garden. Our religious statuary pieces are manufactured by hand in the
USA. Constructed from cast stone concrete and available in many
different styles, colors and finishes, our religious statuary pieces
will protect your home and garden for years to come. Accent statuary is a great way to put a smile on your face and
charm your guests. Garden greeting stones can be used to convey a sweet,
touching message or to mark the memory of a beloved pet. Accent statuary
lets you add a touch of quaint, whimsical cheer to your garden, yard,
front lawn or other outdoor space. Our custom bronze sculptures are an excellent way to
capture everlasting memories and add to the beauty and ambiance of your
home. Place our pieces in just the right outdoor area, and these
timeless and elegant works of art will inspire awe and pleasure among
visitors throughout the years. Outdoor Garden Pedestals.
A cast stone birdbath is an eye-catching addition
that adds the perfect finishing touch to your courtyard, garden or other
outdoor space. The classic, charming stone birdbath design will please
both your guests and the birds it attracts. Constructed from cast stone
concrete, these birdbaths are made to last a lifetime and weather and
age naturally outdoors, adding to their unique charm and beauty.

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