Arroyo Stone Ledge Fountain

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Optional Fountain Cover


    The Arroyo Stone Ledge fountain features a simple, clean design that would look great in any outdoor living area.

    The Arroyo Stone Ledge outdoor garden fountain is designed to weather naturally with age and easy to move constructed from Campania's signature Fiber Cement.

    Water bubbles up from a small dish in the center where birds can land and bathe, and then cascades into the bowl, fostering a serene atmosphere in your yard or garden. A bird sits perched in the center dish, adding a charming touch to the piece.

    Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

    All Stone Ledge Fountains include a fixed LED light around the water spout for a gracious nighttime illumination effect.


    Proudly constructed in the USA from premium fiber cement.

    Each fountain includes a variable speed, U.L. listed, recirculating fountain pump.

    The pump plugs into any standard 3-prong 110v electrical.

    The pump cord is approximately 5 to 6 feet long and outlet exits out of the back of the fountain base for easy access.

    Includes fixed LED light around the water spout for a nighttime illumination.

    There is no plumbing required for fountain installation. All water recirculates within the fountain by the included fountain pump.

    Fountain measures 15.75" wide x 8" high.

    The total weight of this fountain is 26 pounds.


    Campania International's Fiber cement is a durable lightweight composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.


    Before winter, all basins and pockets need to be drained, and the pumps removed. The water must be emptied out, rags or burlap placed in the basins to absorb any condensation, and the entire fountain covered with a close-fitting cover.  Any fountain left uncovered stands the risk of cracking, chipping, and losing its finish.  If the fountain is too big to cover, keep the drains clear or the fountain will fill with water and it will crack. Fountains left outside for winter must be raised above ground level, on wood or blocks.

    Pumps should be brought inside during the winter months or ice may crack them. If your pump cannot be removed, make sure the area it is in is dry and then wrap the pump with rags to insulate it.

    Be especially careful not to run a pump without adequate water in the fountain or the pump will burn out!!  High temperatures or high winds can empty a fountain very rapidly.  Keep pump free from debris (i.e., leaves, etc.) especially in spring and fall.

    Clean your fountain periodically to keep it looking its best.  Turn off the pump and disconnect from electrical source.   Scoop out or use a shop-vac to remove any debris and the old water.  Then with fresh water, use a soft bristle brush to scrub off algae or dirt.  Check that the pump is not clogged with debris.  Remove as much soiled water as possible and refill with fresh water and your fountain is ready to go again.

    The time between cleanings varies depending on the temperature (algae grows faster in warm weather) and how much debris tends to accumulate in your fountain.  Using an algae preventative will extend the time necessary between cleanings.  We carry lime remover and organic concrete cleaner for mineral or serious staining problems.  We do not recommend the use of bleach or other solvents for cleaning your fountain as they may deteriorate the finish.


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